Corporate Investigations Help Prevent Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Every workplace in all areas of industry are susceptible to problems related to drug abuse. So if you think small businesses are almost immune and that large businesses are more prone, think again. Take these bits of information: about 44 percent of illicit drug users are employed full-time with small establishments, medium enterprises come in at second place with 43 percent, and large establishments place last at 17 percent.

Drug use, abuse, and addiction are extremely detrimental not only for the user and their families, but for business and industry as well. Substance abuse can lead to lost productivity, absenteeism, injuries, theft, low morale, and at times even fatalities—not to mention the legal liabilities stemming from these. Combine all the expenses arising from said issues—and employers are looking at a monumental amount—drug abuse costs employers about $81 billion every year.


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