Experienced Surveillance Investigator Helps Confirm Suspected Fraud

Employees with serious medical conditions or are tending to indisposed family members are granted a work time-off through the Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) certification from their employers. The FMLA allows an employee to take an unpaid 12-week leave within a 12-month working year without prejudice or harm to the employee’s tenure.

Utilizing the FMLA leave usually suggests an urgent matter or sensitive situation that would most likely affect the employee’s work performance. Sometimes, however, it cannot be helped that questions from the employer arise, especially when there is a continued, intermittent FMLA leave. To confirm whether or not there is reasonable basis for the employee’s availing of the leave, employers may employ an experienced surveillance investigator to look at possible fraud cases. To protect the employer from retaliatory claims, an honest or valid suspicion has to be presented before the probe.


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